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Logo Back2Monarchy.comWhy Monarchy nowadays? To sum up what we are and what we stand for, I will quote the famous French journalist Stephane Berne:

“The role of the Monarchy today is to be a transcendental power with an emblematic and symbolic figure that unites. The monarchy offers this possibility of a familiar figure, at a distance, which is symbolic but which has real moral power. Conversely, it is always difficult for a President of the Republic to incarnate this figure and to gain height. To take a football metaphor, it is like being the captain of one of the two teams (political parties) and compete on the field and then claim to be a referee.

Monarchs are emblematic figures who hold out to us a mirror in which we can see ourselves better than we are. They have roots and immerse us in our history. They remind us here and now where we come from. These royal figures are very important because they are the embodiment of an often millennial history.
The role of a sovereign is above all to be a moral magisterium. It has a duty to advise, to warn, and to encourage, without entering the political sphere. It must be as unchanging and intangible rock in the storm.
The sovereign must play the role of moderator, influencer, mediator, and leader. And he must always lead by example, especially in the era of transparency!”

It is for all these reasons that we firmly believe, at, that the Constitutional Monarchy is the best form of governance.

With our site, we try to promote the activities of royal families around the world, reigning or not, in order to show what they do every day to make the world a better place.

Frederic Ronsyn