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The Chateau de la Douve d’Armaillé in France (Maine-et-Loire)

Chateau de la Douve d'Armaillé
Chateau de la Douve d’Armaillé

Located in France, in the town of Bourg-d’Iré, the Chateau de la Douve d’Armaillé, also known as the Château de la Turpinière, is some 20 km north-west of Angers.

The small medieval manor passed from owner to owner until Ambroise Louis Henri de la Forest d’Armaillé (1820-1892). Having married the wealthy Gabrielle de Blarenghien, he will use his wife’s money to have architect Auguste Bibard (1823-1885) build this immense castle between 1871 and 1874. A chapel was added in 1880.

It was transformed into a hotel before the Second World War and then hosted summer camps. For a few years, the owner of the castle has rented it for weddings and events. The castle is rented in its entirety and not per room.

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